Laura's greatest gift is to see potential and beauty, not only in people but in her surroundings.  Her eye for capturing the world's possibilities lends itself to genuine images that capture your heart and mind.

Laura Patrick has a special zest for life that shows in her photography.  She has a great love of nature, people, and animals.  Her passion for life has taken her down many different paths.  Laura is an LPGA Teaching Professional; teaching and coaching golf to hundreds of new and competitive golfers each year.  When not at the golf course, you can find her spending time outdoors exploring all the beauty that nature has to offer with her camera on her hip.  She also enjoys helping others through business and real estate photography and by capturing people's personalities one moment at a time.

" I have wandered deliberately my entire life in an effort to seek beauty and novelty in nature. My love of all things outdoors (well, minus freezing temperatures and mosquitoes) has lead me on many grand adventures. Great photography has always captivated my mind, body, and soul. Looking at a photograph, I can often hear the breeze, smell the pines, or feel a ray on sunshine on my face. Photographs are my own personal refuge from the realities of life. I have always viewed the world from a different perspective than most. Through the lens of my camera, I’ve been able to capture nature's beauty and my unique perspective on life. But most of all, remember to take the time to follow your heart and wander deliberately!"

Life by Laura (in action!) - Wander Deliberately

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